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you can draw it, against you, against the chaos.

you can draw it, against you, against the chaos.


fully horned modems. Europe is a big problem with the cofrrupt legal system, some of the chalets, and social systems like caritas and catolische ... diakonie, heis armee normalis, bar, you hurt people like nemetorszag, bayern, herzog seagmuller gasthaus and the whole social village operation. this is the place where all kinds of pensioners, the levegoer, the herzog seagmuller social village give people jobs and accommodation. workplace, 0,80 eur-hour. serious penz. the employees bmv, audi setal, saved, billions were pocketed, I was abducted by the poor people, herzog seagmuller, gasthaus lead, a rack, a disabled person. All disabled people, malicious. o, and employees, luxury apartment, luxury car, but money help no. people are coming. but ok, people are pennies, money is paid as pay. like the staff of the Caritas who brought the European man's neck, the migrants. Billion Benefits Of course ... but how can you draw them against them?

You know. you're doing the same as ok. you give them a drink, a drink or a drink, but you do not pay a single meal.
you pack them in packs of eyes, and give you the package or level. this is a very affectionate way. if they do not give you anywhere, you are a flat, mobile, you are in some country, and you get them level, eyes like what they are doing. if you make a mistake, do not pay. Instead, in the truest sense, or up, give it a port, package or level. minimal energy, great benefits. when the region, the buntetes turns, the mafia is not deployed, but it is outrun, and it is their business. It's a great thing to have a free letter .... it's already a fashion, you dont like them for the sake of what you are doing, what you have to do. on the internet a lot of things can be ordered or cataloged, order them. When they are in the region, it is better to respect your individual liberty, maybe the mafia is disgruntled, because there is a normal country where you can do it and it's ok. Of course, the mental disability herzog seagmuller gasthause, leader, 1 gender of the many, 1 the gender of mafia. it is a good quality, but with nothing, everything is not strong. a man is so idiotic and straightforward enough to be a mental disability. And lazy as a bun. has internet, can help, find help. but he does not do it because he only targets the local mafia, they have billions of them. ennel more aggressive, luzern abry pc, alvohely. a 25nm2 space, 80 people, no joke like a sardine, and 5 euros worth of kernels. this is like London-New York, 300 usd the repulse, but the repulus is a bit, you can travel 70 usd. fauna. Ban Ki Monn is not a bad man. but there are so many allot checks, no capacitas. it will eventually become a wound. Hungarians, Romanians, Czechs, Slovaks and more European people, the Hungarian and the allam, the unio does not pay a small social base ... this local mafia simply steals and has terrible chores. Everything in Europe has nothing to do with it, but it's a market for people. it will be a bit worse ... all the wars have begun, one of the kind men, to rule, and to overthrow the kind of man. This is the same thing in europaban. You can draw it. if you wound up, it is also a draw, but it is not a horn. but the level, against the local mafia, is already a hat. while the local mafia has the wealth and horn you are, you are mobile, the excluded, giving a weapon. bad ... they do not give home, bad, what if the people of the former East and Central European countries, who have been sexually abused by theirs, theirs, political leaders, every tiny cheerleader, every day, only 1 letter goes Merkel or Mercedez's administration. 1 day, 200 million euros ... if you're right, do not leave yourself. there are a lot of coarse methods, you can do a whole country with you, 10 kg of sy, you'll be on the road, and you'll have to crash ... you can fight against the police too ... against the brave and a bitter eyeball. ok you pay a bet, pay 100 euros, but the right one will buy you 200 euros ... no, you do not have to swallow. the eyes are squeezed, and they are sharp. the frame will run out sooner and you will be asleep. then a population control, more ... and the mafia dies slowly. you can draw it, just use your mind. do not let anything go wrong.


your rights are invigorated, 90% is in your hands. the bourgeois is corrupt, an organization of power who has settled in, does not need to work, but it has a high level of elasticity, the masses, the people working people ... a small one makes the same ... get out of the way, the work of the allami system. get out of here, baby, in this place, at school .. do not get bored with it, it's what his mom is. in a lively manner. you do not work, you pay 30% of your salary, and you get a much higher pay off. this is the basis of the fascist system. the good thing that caritas and par segito organizations are doing. but there are some organizations that have their own wealth ... they do not get any support. or yourself people. friedrichshafen with a tillman comor .. alone, and couple of neighbors, they gave me a bun brownie for free for me 3 months, totally free, they helped me in a normal work contractor, and all of them, was a minimal amount of money as they went fishing for every seventy aisle. you get more than yours, all the helpers, together. while tillamn commorell does not get a filler either. the assassin organizations, stealing billions of dollars. do something. this can not go any further ... a European who has worked here for 20 years as a 3-year-old, not a euro, a migrans, who has a fortune of 2,000 euros. not migrans is the problem, it is given to him, the europa is not because Merkel and the non-fascist politics led us here in europapan, the europat epito people wanted, and the abolition of the equilibrium ... Merkel is an allat but not just o. .. it takes such things as mu-mayer, herzog seagmuller .. and it has 2 millio mu-mayer allat., europaban, those 50 millio socialis employed spellbound ... that's the problem ...


teljesen torvenyes modszerek.   europa masik nagy problemaja a cofrrupt jogrendszer melett, egyes egyhazak, es socialis rendszerek mint a caritas es catolische...  diakonie, heis armee normalis, bar akadnak, rajtad eloskodo emberek, mint nemetorszag, bayern, herzog seagmuller gasthaus, es az egesz social falu mukodese.  ebbe a vilagba ahol mindenutt penzt kernek, a levegoert is, herzog seagmuller social falu munkahelyet ad az embereknek es szallas. munkahely, 0,80 eur-ora. komoly penz. az alkalmazottak bmv, audi setalnak, megelegedve, milliardokat tettek zsebre, abbol a szegenyeket nyomorgatjak., herzog seagmuller, gasthaus vezetojem, egy suket, fogyatekos ember. Minden fogyatekos ember, rosszindulatu. o, es az alkalmazottak, luxus lakas, luxus auto, de money help no. az emberek reszere. de ok, a emberek penzet, money veszik fel mint fizetes. mint a caritas csotany alkalmazottjai, akik az europai ember nyakara hoztak, a migrans csocseleket. persze milliardos haszon...   de hogy tudsz ezek ellen vedekezni?

Tudsz. ugyanazt teszed mint ok. kuldesz nekik adomanyt, etel vagy ital formajaban., de nem fizetsz egyhazi ado. 
kuldesz nekik csomagban szemet, es portosan adod fel a csomag, vagy level. ez egy nagyon jol bevallt modszer.. ha mar ugyse adnak neked sehol lakas, mobil vagy, atmesz egy masik orszagba, es portosan kuldesz nekik level, abba szemet, mint amit ok adnak. ha jogtalanul megbuntetnek, ne fizess. helyette a buntetes ertekeben, vagy azon felul, adj fel porto, csomag vagy level. minimalis energia, nagy haszon. mikor rajonnek, a buntetes forditva mukodik, a mafia nem bevetelt szerez, hanem kiadas, rogton befelyezik a tevekenyseguk. torvenyes dolog, szabad levelet kuldeni....    masik jo modszer, dontesz helyettuk, mint ahogy ok dontenek, neked mire van szukseg. interneten rengeteg dolgot szabad rendelni, vagy katalogus, rendelj nekik. Mikor rajonnek, jobb ha tiszteletben tartjak az egyeni szabadsagod, talan a mafia is megszunik, mert van normalis orszag, ahonnan ezt megteheted, es ok tonkremennek.  Persze, a szellemi fogyatekos herzog seagmuller gasthause, vezeto, 1 nemet a sok kozul, 1 a nemet mafiabol. minosegi szallast ad az teny, de jovedelem nelkul, az egesz semmit nem er. egy ember ennyire idiota es eljas legyen, tenyleg szellemi fogyatekos. Es lusta mint a bun. rendelkezik internet, tudna segiteni, segitseget keres. de nem teszi, mert o csak a helyi mafia erdekeit nezi, nekik milliardjaik legyenek. ennel megdurvabb, luzern abry pc, alvohely. egy 25nm2 helyisegben, 80 ember, nem vicc mint egy szardinia, es meg 5 eurot kernek erte. ez olyan, mint london-newyork kozt, 300 usd a repulojegy, de a repulo szarnyan, utazhatsz, 70 usd. allatvilag. Ban Ki Monn nem rossz ember. de ennyi allat ellenorzesre , nincs capacitas. elobb-utobb haboru lesz belole. a magyar, roman, cseh, slovak es egyebb europai emberek reszere, a magyar es egyebb allam, az unio reszere nem kis penzt fizet socialis alap...  ezt a helyi mafia egyszeruen ellopja, es iszonyatos korulmenyek vannak. europa egesz rendszere semmit nem er, a birosagok, mint egy piaca az ember fejen.  elobb -utobb haboru lesz belole... minden haboru ugy kezdodott, egyik emberfaj, uralkodni, es donteni akart a masik ember tipus felett. Most ugyanez van europaban. Tudsz vedekezni. ha rongalsz, az is vedekezes, de az nem torvenyes. viszont a level, a lokalis mafia ellen, jo hatasfokkal mukodik. mig a lokalis mafia van vagyona es roghoz kotott, te mobil vagy, pont a kirekesztes ami, fegyvert ad. lolj....  nem adnak otthont, lolj., mi lenne, ha a volt kelet es kozep europai orszagok lakosai, akiket a nemet allat vallalatok tettek tonkre, a sajat ;politikus vezetokkel, minden tonkretett csalad, minden nap, csak 1 levelet kuldene porto Merkel vagy a mercedesz igazgato reszere. 1 nap, 200 millio euro-  ... lenyeg, ha igazad va, ne hagyd magad. persze vannak durvabb modszerek, a nemet egesz orszag kozlekedeset meg tudod benit, 10 kg szog... szetszorod az utakon, es orisai torlodasok lesznek...   rendorseg ellen is tudsz vedekezni...  a birosag es egyebb szemet eloskodo nepseg ellen is. ok kuldenek neked egy felszolitas, fizess 100 euro, de az igazad megvedese 200 euro koltseg...   nem, nem kell megvedeni. portosan feldni a szemet, es kesz. elobb utobb elfogy a keret, es letszamleepitesek lesznek. majd lakossagi kontroll, egyebb... es a mafia lassan meghal. tudsz vedekezni, csak hasznald az eszed. semmikepp ne hagyd, igazsagtalkansag erjen..


a jogaid ervenyesitese, 90% kezedben van. a birosag aljas es corrupt, a hatalom egy szervezete, akik arra rendezkedtek be, dolgozni ne kelljen, de magas eletszinvonalon eloskodnek, a mas, dolgozo emberek adojabol...  egy csotany ugyanezt teszi...  kozosisd ki, az allami rendszer dolgozoit. kozosisd ki, a biro gyereket, az ovodaban, iskolaban.. ne baratkozz vele, azt orokolte amit az anyja.   eloskodes masokon.  koszonjuk szepen, az nem munka, a fizetesed 30% elveszi, es abbol o sokkal magasabb fizetes vesz fel.    ez, a fasiszta rendszer alapja.   az eloskodes, amit a caritas es par segito szervezet csinal. de vannak olyan segely szervezetek, akik sajat vagyonukbol adnak...  nem kapnak allami tamogatas.  vagy magan emberek. friedrichshafen elt egy tillman comorrel.. egyedul, es par szomszed, emberhez mellto lakast adtak nekem ingyen 3 honap, teljesen szabad elettel, segitettek normalis munkahely szerzesben, es mindez nekik, minimalis koltseg volt, minha elmentek vollna minden hetvegen kirandulas. tobbet elertek, mint azota, az osszes segelyszervezet, egyutt. pedig a tillamn commorell egy fillert sem kap ezert. a segelyszervezetek, milliardokat lopnak el toled. tegyel valamit. ez nem mehet igy tovabb... egy europai, aki itt dolgozott 20 evet mint en, 3 evet nemetorszag, o euro jovedelem, a migrans, aki satorbol, 2000 euros jovedelem.  nem a migrans a problema, adnak neki, az europa reszere nem, mert Merkel es a nemet fasiszta politika vezetett ide europaban, az europat epito embereket akarjak ki-irt, abbol is az ertelmiseg...Merkel egy allat, de nem csak o...   eltart ilyen allatokat, mint a mu-mayer, herzog seagmuller..  es meg 2 millio mu-mayer allat van., europaban, azoknak 50 millio socialis alkalmazott eloskodo csotany... na ez a baj...



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mafia is problem in europa

Moskvau, 2018.05.29 09:56 orban nazi minister and 1 million hungary groven nazi, in haga internacionalle gericht/.... anderes problem, others salt, schweiz, german, austrian, locally nazi, genetic defekt people. this make, 1 program, poor people are out. restaurants and places of interest, including a south-eater drink, to the shops where the poor people are looking for, causing scabies and diseases. point should be translated, the rich, nothing but people who are not divorced, not the poor. the poor man worked, not the wealthy, rich in stolen things. the big politics, donald ollmpf, putyin ... the local small comrades are bad, the civilians, the local mafia ... the great politics they did not know, the place to do ... the ousts and local mafias, power they turn to Europe, they merge people. all power must be removed and the leader must be centered. those who eat in the dining halls sleep in hotels, they have to dump people, not the poor man. Orban is such an organ, o the leader of the little confreres. it is a fascist power to shake the people and ask for chants that they do not want. the lobbyists, the politicians, the local mafia, this trouble is Europe. these should be fully toned. not some European tourists. do not pay, unnecessary rubbish, a cola of 0.3 dl 0.75 cents, do not buy 3 euros ... 75 cents only. and the local police, not a local mafia,