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wizards, socialists, european dormitory

wizards, socialists, european dormitory


Europe is not a normal place, it is certain. the system is something that is not normal, and people are getting to me, lol. the socialist system would be the point of work that worked and paid for high-level social services. but these are not normal, all the social work, they should be leaked, in the whole of Europe, and a lot in prison. 21 years old I worked in Hungary, 2.5 years old. 2 were fascist, non-normal countries. the allam that is not normal ... now 0 euro is the lack of access, and nothing that can not even give it. I have to get socialized from 2 countries, but I do not get it, a third country gives it, but it does not touch the migrans. I want the leader of the European Union to take responsibility for the Hungarian socialist ministry and the job center, and to start the human rights bargain, to go back, to pay, to pay the stolen money. the leader of the unio, or the fra, or ban of moon, rigters, and kotelezze, to pay out of their wealth, the tolem lost money. I'm going to get rid of people like you, and the bunch of social organizations, to steal, give me the money as a pay. I cover all social organizations, 70% of them are employed for the slanders, 15% of their maximum salaries and 10% are paid by employees. this would be normal, america so. and nobody and the Hungarian country, pay me a monthly fix. it's socialis, because I can not steal it. I'm just going to get the whole human rights organization, I check if I can sleep, I can eat normal drinks, and I'll be able to buy a daily basic meal like cigeretta, maybe some of my items, I can buy it or not. this is a fundamental right. I also check the quality of the drink and drink, because the sex is allot, it is a straggling regio, it contains drinks and coca cola virus and contains more substances that cause coca cola and the NSA to recover because it is America is a national security force because the NSA's job is to appeal to the American industry and react to the most daring sanctions if it is to aggressio against cola false things. it is only a few to know if an organization, the coarse secrets of some of the allam's affiliations, is allam, in the extreme case it can intervene armed, its rights in serto allam belugyi like 1919, 1939 also intervened. it may take genetic defect to Nazi fake threats, but if this is not the case, I will turn to the American president and the American Senate, because of the potential military aggression.



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