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US side suggestion

US side suggestion
the man has to be legitimate, the country must be lifted, a certain legal system must be established, and an ethics committee and a bunteto law must be drawn up. the members, the sixth, and the more unified organizations of the humanity, turn human rights back into the day. deceiving, deceiving, deceiving, mafia groups .. all they need to do is bail out, and a human centerpiece help organization. it can not work in any way as a mafia, or a human being, an intruder. the whole social system, the european, the bastard, and the new system. the social help, the need for man's need, and not the social aid, the mafia, the merits of it. what needs to be done and what not. you have to set a minimum of cigarettes, which is the social organization, kotelez, to pay to the slacker's hand. this is a normal case for the social organization to spend 60%. you have to figure out the mafia mobs, your deeds, not the rogues, but steal it, pick it up like your friends, pay. so it does not matter how to help the rascor, but it is the devoted, the dear friends who share, make and steal it. today social organizations are using 60%, they simply steal. picking up a lot of unnecessary social work and sharing them. this is a cheat and a thief. 30% extra for the luxury and luxury equipment. and 10% of the people who are deported to inhospitals are placed in inhumane corruption ... this is an anti-terrorist activity because today the affluence of the affiliated organizations, the allampolars are completely tricked, because they are tortured by the finances. man is not a piece, they all have to be equal to each other, with different demands ... they have to be a team, people, not an underlying angelic situation, but the school must be the essence of science, knowledge, art, and human virtues. it does not work, it's a good idea to fix ferrari and trabant with the same tools and get the same oil and nutrients. you have to look at the character of the person rather than the one you want to support the aid organization. the ethical committee, the guest of the beginning, would be an instant e-mail that would be an instant messenger, an idiot, a retaliation, an instant inquiry. it does not work, a man has a limit, and he does. if you are a sick person, the drugs are the first and then at a time in the south. it does not work, claiming a lot of junkies, does not want to make a pizza for the aid organization, because it is a dear, it is against human rights. but it does not work for social organizations to work or get a drink or a break or a break. no. medicine, and food and drink, and what the everyday life of your daily life is all about. which the social organizations of the schweiz of the previous week had tainted, 1-10 ev borton buntetes. they were not allowed to eat or to get away. or medicine, but none of them. Sadistic terror, not expressive, in this primitive allot, there are 8 squatting schools with lots of jumps to teach you what the situation is to be. the 8 schools of all-roundness, extends to someone who can give bread or water. or as a parrot, what his counterpart tells you, he tells you. There were many, eight untrammeled schools, there was nothing wrong, no one, you think, is smarter than a doctor, you know better what a patient has to do. concrete examples are mentioned. you have to be a bienne, notsalfstelle employees, you need to be able to do the job, and you have to be 100% proballtak help ... true the home is bad, so many things are wrong, but the human brings the pool already. freiburg varos notslafstelle, mar not completely oke. it is true to go with the age, to give up the scapegoat, but the 8 school students are hardly anymore. but, unfortunately, there is a higher level of schooling, a Ferrari needs, and the right tools to get it right and proper. it does not go like a trabant, we put it in and go. if the trabant goes tonk, par euro is a new engine in it. if you are a ferrari, you have a lot of money. but the level of humor was also raised in Freiburg. bern, passentheim, the animals are humorous people as a social worker working there. I can not even suggest the slightest signal, but the communication does not have enough space for them ... the placenta, the non-social and the necessity, but the exclusive material of the passentheim, like a hbotel, the jol fizeto allat, the room, the other sleeping, a canopy. 7 o'clock, not normal in friburg or bern case. I do not care, at this time I have nothing to do because the Schweiz Fascist forces, they do not give a job or a penchant for why I have to wake me when I'm out of bed. ? because he was a mammoth, sadistic liver, so he was bothered? we will be investigating where this sadistic woman lives, and we are going to go to the house at 4 o'clock in the morning, shouting up the sadistic cigarette. it is the characteristic of the 8 all-rounded species, but only when it rapes for it. if he so feels, he has to explain it....



if an 8-year-old school is out of school, it does not matter, a sick person who is sick because of a disease of the lab and the virus, is much more complicated, needs to be convinced, orankent. or if he or she starts to eat it, after 1 minute, you have to go to the groceries, have enough time, so why? because I was so deluded because I was a sadistic girl. and it will break it down. There were 40 Russian troops before. there were soldiers who were tall, they were already in position. once they told them something they did. this is how it was., there were also Russian soldiers with hardcore, sadistic, devian people. they have introduced the testifies. primitive devians, when 3x told him something, and he did not give it up when they got away, the level of strength was strengthened. it was a long time ago. today democracy is and is forbidden. but the bunteto sanction is not. if inhumane a social enthusiast is leading or employed, he can take away his possessions in gold as he or she is causing an injury ... if a sick man whose race is a lame, walking like a bern pasent heim, if you do not mind, pay 50% of your carpets, the material, the healthier and the more powerful arms caused by inhumane behavior. if that is too little if he or she is in possession of the property. these eight subtlety groups who have so far fallen into disgrace to the masses, and for the sake of the greediness of their souls, will be grateful, grateful, and taught to somebody. they have to be persuaded to make a living, a cultural influence, a more basic mentality, to give a single place of residence, to the people of the same people ... this is a normal, natural thing, not a single job, or a banquet table for a restaurant .... not a single person who has the same pay, a diploma of 2 degrees or a doctor, a donkey like an undamaged donkey. but they are also successful people or even in the same field, or in the same room, with the garden epitopes. that's all there is to work or not. this is human breast cancer law. which in the case of a madonna, who is right to criticize, has sneaked away as if in a laborious case, who, if the line was cast into him, would give him, even if he had already. Different. as well as allergy species. while the monkey, the tiger, the bird up the top of the tree, a catfish or a whiskey, you're the one you're off to if you're a fan. laughing, but kotelezove should be done in social places to use salveta. it must first be pointed out, the leader of the interview, who is in the educational context of the other employee, apt to use it .. the basic idea of ​​higinia is a serious task. yverdon blans, lusanne, zurich, st.gallen, notslafstelle, basel armee salut norslafstelle, french countries, all non-flute, genetics, human not suitable for placement. your birthday, 1919, 1939, hug, hitler, accepted, but unfit for human habitation. and all the demands of all 4 school students are out of the question, these are the US, immediate power, to get into. instead of letting me know, this vicious citizen master, do not have a decent place to do it, and the quality of these people ... because of the nature of the people, you have to do it. I have to put on a US ethics committee, this can not go any further. This commission, with immediate effect, is where Europe is, where it is a nail or human right all over. all the people mentioned above, all social organizations are responsible, why they did not give us a good night's sleep, and a good thing, and a good shoe. things are such stuffs. and I can only get paid for what is stolen today, and it is illegal today, it is paid as a paycheck. I would like to consider my suggestion, and the US commanding line and all the human rights are disseminated.




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