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town in schweiz.

dear fbi. and cia

fucked up, the fit .. morning operation. 1 genetic defect gypsy, in freiburg schweiz, my cyclic, rongall. I can not go on foot, tomorrow is operacio. it could be the Hungarian national gypsy garda who, beside him, is freeburn notslafstelle. I do not know how to get it, and I'll lose my throat. this is a genetic defect of gypsy. Thanks. or French WAS, I DO NOT KNOW, BUT I WILL CARE.


Today, the French people said, the cigar is asking where is the price? I do not understand, the genetic defect, the hustle and bustle of cigarettes, the whiskey, and the theme of your fault, the whore's whore, "I say French people, Hungarian cigarettes, who had problems. if this is true, they will have a Hungarian bullet, they can complain to their whore mother. I'm looking for a college student and a man, I watch the roundabout, and if someone goes by, I'm gonna blush, I'm gonna shake it with a lumpy day. Thanks.



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