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this is the legal fold of the world. europa

a schweiz, a nation of security and police, an angry ram, and a sham, a terrible country whose name is luxembourg ... the road crosses the 3rd World ... a French country. the French man ,. there is no one in the fold, only the gender who is the widow. it does not give you a round if you round something, it does not go down, it does not give you food, or you get a job, a job center where 80% migrants or disabled people work ... just so the nazi police and allam wants to take back ... in Hungarian no matter what you are looking for, you will never have a filler or any other ... the French I missed. but I do not know how to do it. getto epit migransok reszere, if primitiv is migrans, be it all too ... france, such a quality people like roman .... there is no demand for anything ... the roman does not overlook porcio, the bread, the siblings , the Frenchman is laughable. so I did not even drink in a French country, so that country was dead, so it was silly. laughing as the millionaire French, porcio, dkg counts how much bread. by the time he counts more energy than 5 dkg more, but laughable people. I can not afford to sleep with them ... the sex is the mass of veglet, the ad, only the fascist allam, wants to get it back, work for them free of charge ... I've been in Luxembourg for 2 days .... schweiz, basel is a bunko pretty but every day , 01.Januar, I slept in normal place ... every day ... if I went to social help, I did not get 1 euro or a porcio bread, 40-50 chf, because E210 is allergy and I do not want to be ill. they gave no billionaires ... 50 chf, for 4 days I can sleep on a camping. I've been in luxembourg for 2 days, I was hit by an age-old courtyard with a pack of 50 kg in weight, after more than a mile. austria, schweiz, hungarian, always started with you or not? What do you need? not luxembourg. camping one day 50 euro, and I got 5 euros, sleeping, some .... the French country is not my garden help. laughable people, europa waste. I do not have 23dkg bread, I am a European, I am a tall man, a musician, a gitarist, a folk playmaker, only such deceptive people have done tonki. schweiz, did not give a normal job, that's why ... luxemburg this is kriminalis, this is not a normal place ... everything is very dear, but nothing more than anything. Austria, Russian, Schwiz, Hungarian, was the first time I was able to help .... Luxemburg in the 3 minutes you went down ... the whole world before ... I'm here 2 days ago. I did not know where to sleep, eat very much, my face is dead like a clinical dead .. I think this is natural ... folks, billions of people, but only the jojjon who gives them a pen ... the politics installed there a lot of migrans people who will never work, but they can take care of it, because they are lazy, like the sane, sneaky man. there are not many human beings in such people .... schweiz, half a man already, half bad. but better than any other European. they have come to bed, they pay for the pass. completed. I had to sleep somewhere, where I slept alone ... and there was already. the six members were told by usa president esx europa, they did not dare, they did not give me food and I did not buy tickets. I have 2 nazi national socialist tools, I have been ... 2 days ago I do not know where to sleep, the rage of the wild backbone, I'm fine, but for Luxembourg people this is natural, ok. if the social mafia does not give it to die. it's hard for me too, I have to sleep and have to sleep, I can look for work and get paid ... that they love the shit, the tale, they hunt for everything that moves and move ... all the strengths are made to the tune in the world, more specific ... such schweiz neo liberalis, and the nazi nazi ... the French is the primitive concept of doing everything tonchi, the porcio that a European man is berserk, are they normal? they have the same quality, they are not worth ferrari, they santanano or do not drink, the renault consumes 6 liters of ferrari nehas 40 liters, the ferarri is so shit? it is not good to argue with them, this is a sort of Scottish preference ... I think the French, even in the halo room, is ahead of me, ideal love lovers 3.8 minutes, ideal 2 times maximum, 3 are marga ..... but with more masturbation .. do you like when the European Parliament is arguing, whether French or no, is the unio, this kind of roman colony or nazi soldier's order? there are the 3rd, neoliberal countries like schweiz or luxembourg belgium, holland, but man is terrible .. the system is not bad, the man is terrible. the French and the Germans, made it a great Europe. admonish, gather,. they went out and paid for the East and Central European politics, to make all the work they needed for them because they had a good workforce ... they did not care about these things, they were making jokes, doing everything they did, not people, but like hitler or napoleon ...  gender, French and neoliberal countries, man is a piece ... no, man is a 1-1 culminating equation. American, all rich and successful, was a healthy person. not only the movie stars, I am also a fan of oil ... europa, piece ... I find myself, I work in the west of Europe, 97% defeated, defective. or swollen, or primitive, but alltalaban, both of them together. you have to know, you are a slanderer or a defective man, malignant because he is a minor, and he goes crazy. all the bureau office, poorly-knit, all-in-law budo, normally no room with him. so many, but the bitch pennies are worth it. yeah, where the beautiful animals are going to be, there will not only be the ozek that will not be wrong, but the patkany too ... because the need is unknowingly. like a chicken. it's just a laugh, it's just a laugh ... now it's hard for me to sleep every day ... ok, of course, the neoliberal liver, luxembourg or mas country is sleeping in the sun. Screaming all, caritas brings here many niggers and Arabs and men. but when there is one who is a similar, white man, his feet are sick, he is ill because he is dead and hard, he has a strange time. you know what the caritas is, what a mafia you will hear, because it's just migrans, but the neo liberal is a sun-like person like this ... and unfortunately I'm out of the way, again I'm in a bad country where people are despicable and bad-looking, people ... I did not know much, but after the first 20, if they were all of this, they did not really want to know more ... like French or no, but no matter what, , or is it, or sickness, like the non-fascist limbs that I have. I have forsaken the US national security system. I do not want to go in there ... no such people are ... that they argue with them, the quality of man is more important than their financial position.
These are French, noble-minded, luxembourg and schweiz primitive people. 25 of them have some help. deception, workplace, apartment, car, auto insurance, health insurance, social security, social system, bank, politics .... they get everybody money or mas. for me, there is nothing for them. and it is a good thing that he is alright, everything is alright, everything is alright, and he is almost dying, and a woman is much more distinguished. malicious people ... this is the truth. this is not a problem to deal with, because you can die, people who are so despicable ... you can not eat euro as an eye on a hill, so that these people will come to a luxurious elasticity, and who is more than okay to hear that. .. all the forces are off when they get 1 euro out of them ... luxemburg tv has made a commercial movie, the bargain is useful, it produces oxygen. not to produce anything, just beaten at people, do not let us cut out the flowers from the garden are not to die ... all ... absolutely ... horrible .... the man is terrible. of course, the French, the noblemen on the bus, how many beggars and migrants, what for them here ... that bitchy lame nazi mother, because your wives went to the emigrants in the east migrating to everything , with the politicians there, they were scared for a profit of 1 cent, millions became beggars .. and after that he says French or no jar for him, nothing, today they do not give him to eat, today the Nazi inspectors and I want to venture . people like Hitler. the little sunny little foolish man. and they crawl when they lift the bensin arat. slowly 2 chf liter. there will be 5 euros as well. it is only if these despicable people are convinced that a very frustrating economic haven will be a europa ... but that will be a big deal. because we will never forget it, the despicable, characterless man, unhappy with the little man, but the rich man is even more aggressive, and he will be much better off if his nose is more powerful and completely tonic.     the world, 2x the truth, no fascism 1919, 1939 napoleon 2 failed, no dead Europe ... the power of Stalin's power. one day every vile man is the power of power .... because that is the truth. not because they are okay because they are ok smarter people, because they are in my country robbed by dear Hungarian politicians with help ... after 500% diskriminiert ... despicable people of scweiz people too .. there is no shortage of work, simply bored and people go to go go .... some people will take this to the bottom, and maybe ... europa will be very bad things, this is safe now, I will not make it myself ...  people are scolding big politics, we think the local mafia is already ... that's a bad thing .. big politics is not, but it's better than local politics ... if there is no big politics, all the African, Arab, Eastern European people do not get it because local meals do not give them to eat ... bad big politics, but better than local mafia ...



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