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they have to be discarded

they have to be discarded


There are 4 groups who like shavings, scrap people, have to digest them.
1, social mafia, complete, or pay, or everything must be done tonight .. elegance, they will take everything and return home as pay. they have to be picked up, those billions of dollars, they do not belong to them, they are the scumbags. so legitimate invasion is a torveny, you have the right to aggressio fellep against them ...
2, Hitler orb and the animals. 0 Tolerance ... who rages, is excluded, needs to be subdued, or a military coup ...
3, the food, cola ytox, patkany animals. You can make this one where you want to buy plain rooms and make the place where you bought it.
4, I'm kidding. who does not know how to eat, does not have intelligence, primitive, has no right to know ... the gentle people's affection is the first, the allat or adapts or will hear ..

thun tankstelle is the first. now there are scraps of cola. All right, there are many millio arms that will bite them. and there is to be the end of all the people who are to transport, to make and to spit out. they are not human beings, humpbacks or mammoths, they have no place in human affliction. big niggas, quirky idiots of wine, who can bow, unhappy with the white spirit, because they have nothing to do with it. mob. if he is a politician, or a police officer or a massive, and merciful people, these people, he has the right to speak, he shakes like a gypsy homeland. and you go to orb or masseur to the whore's mother, 2 (3, 16 million Hungarian, and 100,000 votes to 2) 3, all you have to do is knock. now the following thun army salut and tank stars, where they gave merge etel drink, which i am bad., this reflex is the passentheim, all the action should be done tonka and on the benensis level. at a time 0 tolerance, against the fascist or mafia beasts. people are primitives, but I do not help them, I'll show you where the trouble is.


the right gold, I have 20 cfh problem, the valsa samar is 20,000 chf problem or more ... people do not want to pay more than 1 cent for the mafia, and they will not do any more.



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