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the people qualitat the problem

The people qualitat big problem in europe.   no nbormalle, waste people....


in ausztrian, i find 2 frends all...   girfrends no, all waste whore who can get a boat.

2, GERMANY, absolute no find I, normalle people, but in leipzeg my direktor normalle was in company, and collega in lift company gerischein inbtec.   only 1-2 person
3, schweiz only 1-2 churche normalle, girls prostiutuate, qualitat kriminal..... only important, people who are old, man is nothing.
4, I was a French country, st. Luise. people are nice, only this can not be eaten. it is primitive primitive, and oriental misery ... 3 world
I'm restless now, because in a schweiz, in France, I found 1 normal person. so the biggest problem is man, there is no connection ....
I do not know how to get out of here, but it's a little bit worse than taking care of meals.
of course, the internet, and the computer, I get in touch with the shit people ... watching my camera, my video card is something you can watch, or the buzerans google, which has become an internet guru. watching the movie, what movie I'm up to, and fucking pornstar with 2 buzy men ... but for what? and you pay for it or work with it ... but for what? where do I spend all these scraps with people>>?
the whole world is in the police and so on. bsasel's squadron is not a normal, defective vessel. they did not find it, they were planning to go to the same room, so I had to get rid of all the tickets, I could not go anywhere ... the police and the police themselves, and the allo mafia with them and their allo mafia ... there is no shortage, and politicians have to surprise you this mafia is a very old ..... you can not work for a maximum of 5 years in a row or in a row, so no mafia can be formed ... amr hornet proposal.
My friends in Miskolc were really people. and baratnok. I'm a rajuk bus, I'm just kidding people. the observer who was watching me, who was watching the checkers, eyes on him, nothing to do with people, that's okay. the FBI is not as well-behaved, but is much more normal and smarter than the European police, whom I classify as a non-negligent category in a mental, mental and disabling category. With us
that I'm going to get to Canada, I do not know. I do not have a pen, I post a note, but the visum obaut 300 usd, you have to have 500 usd, you have to pay for travel, and a minimum of 2 weeks of koltopenz. this is a lot of money in the social social mafia. and I pay a 3 day schweiz ... but they do not work for the animals .... today they drink the drinks with allergic substances, sodium, which I'm allergic to, in Hungarian, I can not drink any food .. this person should not be cautious .. to eat, or to swear in the open street, in the daylight ...


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