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the nazi grouppe, finden

the insane, insane, cynical, dreadful, and all my troubles. if you hear, say "alles kla" this is a password of mercury, steal, or terror. if you hear it, check it out and drop it to or report it on the human rights record and all the local affection. these fascists, sadists, I do not know the video, my lab is inflamed, free sante freiburg, bern insel spital, biel spital, and these stuffs, is ruined by the roundabout engine when there is no physical disruption. if there is a gun for you, it's free, that's all you need. it's all a crap, a hole in the bottom of a cobblestone bulb ... it's the sadistic mafia ...

all videos in   lorenz hostik    all videos.. this genetic defekt sadist mafia, please likvid all, they make 1500 chf problem in my ebike..  please they people privat house fayer or likvid..  thanks


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