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openings that a country is laughing at

schweiz. and primitive. their great powers, the eye and the internet. padlock is all garbage, and all internet grain. they love the same people and people in culture. ko-baltas neger, arab drugstore, .... do not get sexuality. all you need is eating and drinking. they eat in the street, the restaurant is all over the street, the bird is bela-kaka the south, but for them it is already ... joindulatu, but that's a little. but only the primitive primitive of the peasants, the first of them is the only primitive school, with up to eight schools of uncommon schooling.

the German. it's upsetting, but it's silly, because all the other employees are chubby, swollen like a disney, visit .. mernokeik jok, audi bmv, ..... but everything does not matter. they do not eat sexuality, eat-drink-like-like-like. but they go home. and bad people, sunny people. but it is the order of the police and the fascist who wants to buy it immediately, so that it is a shameful thing to have to pay for the money, because it has no life.

French. the airline bars do not give you a shower, there's no need for it. Slowly the school is not gold eagle and mas migrans gold, half or half as French. sexual eloquence, they are cut off ... the bread is weighed in grams, shrinking like an egg.

Hungary. puskas tivadar, toni curtis ..... many are very Hungarian. in contrast, now only Hungarians with mental disabilities are Hungarians who do not speak a language, and they do not need anywhere. previous, under 20 years, under Hungarian under orran and under the bush, 400 evolved. os-people are living. the deputies in the Hungarian parliament, stealing the toilet paper, and taking them home. because allami employees have stolen everything, they answered.

what's really terrible is live-qualitat, and people primitivitate in europe union ... culture is minimal, artists do not have any supportive, primitive people more than just worthy people.