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europai unio politik good? yetz europe live qualitat 1(3 than was 2010...

did not I get the unio politicians? America is strong and smart, who is smart there, he already gets paid. at the Australian level. china, level. not europa. the western side of Europe, accepts it, the east has fled. who have been subjected to that country. like me the Hungarian. but do not say pay for Eastern European Allam. the unio, eyes of the local fascism. the Fascist Hungarian, today is Hungarian, there is 1 little house, high fortune, and 2 cars. security ... in the European country is Hungarian, there is nothing. but it was ... the european union, why not say, Hungarian country, we make Hungarian homes in the country to take penance and give it to the Hungarian refugees who have been stolen ... that is a Western Europe, because they do not have to support them .



migraine, but polytheists, but fascist local leaders. the one who was robbed by an agroven, tanned like me in Hungary, the big politics of Kulfold, but the local locals do not. they get stuck, scrap food, exclude all the help, do not give jobs ... because it's okay. Austria. the minister in power, sebastian krutz, a very old minister. o given shelter. but the social network mafia vorberga is not, but it does not give people money, but it does not give social support. schweiz, level, there are many organizations. human rights law, san papiers, antydiskriminirung, anty rassism, parliament. but there is nothing more, if the local mafia, the local mafia, does not work or helper. the laugh-mouthed, a European film director, a guitarist, an electrician who worked 22 Hungarians, 3 years, but they all fasist allam, now O euro finansir. why do not you say unio, hungarian, hungarian, we will pay for it. there was a bathroom, a car, a garage, and we could immediately buy it. schweiz, not a member of the union. but the local Nazi countries do not pay, so why do not you pay the European Union, Tom's resignation? When Tom was working, the money went to European Union. even if it was one-sided Europe. if she has a penny for her, if she is not Hungarian or Hungarian, why she is not a united Europe? There is one right to the unio, but no one who obeys Tom has 100 rights. the brass, up to 1 law can help ... the local fascist mafia, all rights blocking .. what if the unio, if a noble fascist regio, police, steals the penet, and no one who takes it? what is this bean organization if I do not have the right to one law? Orbán Viktor, one of the worst leaders in torture. 10 million Hungarians were Hungarian. During Orb, he remained 5 million. Orban says that 5 million Hungarians will be away. Of course, they have stolen 5 million pounds, of course they are. the dream is completely idiotic? why he does not shake hands, no man and Hungarian allam with sanctions. penalty. we pay for it. how much? very simple .. a Hungarian today, 250nm2 baffled home, there are 2 cars. much. the Hungarians of Kulfold should be their own because they were 2 cars. the unio, the eye of corrupt and fascism? who leads europat, local fascist sex cells or unio? does the unio do not like the experts? there is no interest in you? uinio, he says he's gonna swallow a man. but who? where is a bunch of people who can write an email, internationalize, do what the oras of the fascist offices of the oras, or the nazi nazi system ... There is FRA, but you can not give it a penny, the local nazi mafia pizza, , and it hurts the poor people ... is this unio politics? what is the Nazi local politics ... places the poor man in hatred, does not give her work or help. it does not suffice, it makes a lot of noise, but some local nazi organizations, I want to dare because there is no penny. not those who do not have a penchant ... but it is possible. do not you give her a job, hello? nothing wrong. I'm introducing pluss ads and I'll give it some money. but local Nazi power does not do this. the unio, why do not you do it, the discrimination, the exclusion of people, give you a pen? Tom is a film-director, guitar artist, electrician ... this character europaban minimum 5000 euro (ho ... oke, local nazi idiot, you will not give him to eat? Nothing wrong, then I'll give him a pay, my unio and i drop I do not know what to do with it, but I'm not sure what to do with it. the people, the high taxes, the local mafia, do not give them jobs, existence, etc. I will not give you the unio, I'll give you, and I'll take you this penchant, rogton will become a hero, primitive policeman, primitive localis idiota ... brussel, or can you invoke, and you will have the strong european allampolgar or will completely tonam europa.nome, bayern regio, a mafia, there is no one working and the fascist power, prison senden people and kenyware they do not have the right to do so, but the dream is weak to see of their interests. I did not dare, the unio, the more you said, you see the Jews. but how do you see if there is no 70% local fascist power? If there is 100% fascist power in Hungarian? how do you see? European Union says you see the migrans .. who is coming from a mass, receives 2000 Euros because he never gave in to the unio. Who is from a united kingdom, does not get any unprofitable because they have been unio_? point is opposite to what is normal. the European Union, its organs are dealing with the ihato with water, the whole food. megis, a local mafia, assigns a regio, not etheto etel, and viral water. the local police officer says he does not have six. like a scumbag kid ... not to be allowed, but a doctor may have a medicine,