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no stopp. mafia or nazi manipulacio whits cola

this no ask... i want cola drink, to yetz-99 years old bettwen... and i want this terorist people send to prison... this programm start yetz... coca cola, ferrari, dejon senf, this girls, english locktime hungary pick, schweiz kese, chf, qualitat and this girls... problem in worlds, live genetic defekt nazi and mafia and terorist peoplke...
I can test it, get it wrong, or lack or terror all the schweiz coca cola could degrade, which causes a disease.
I look for the coca cola manager and the NSA industry leader in charge, to say immediately, say, the coca cola manager, and the quality controller's divisor. kick out, okay. Rationale. more times it was reported, half of the coca cola, a few schweiz and noble odors, a quality American serum, a scrap of non-schweiz water, which causes a disease. so the wilderness products are scattered like the whole drink, nonetheless, and the eastern regio of Schweiz. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for the cola, because the quality of coca cola is very good, Belgian and Luxembourg and I have a French, original quality, very nice rooms. a cola called st.gallen varos, a scrap that will yield the quality of coca cola. it is a provocation against the US industry, which is the NSA's sixth. it can be all in the industry, the whole food industry is schweiz east regio, olcso, wastes, school of non-native oriental workers who are the mafia. I do not care. I do not care about the coca cola consortium, the vice, I go immediately, the schweiz coca cola, and the full quality control group schweiz. but I'm not sure what to do with cola. 1 month ago i was belgium-luxembourg ... france ... many millio people were tanu, my face was 28-year-old chinese. now the liquids are down 60 years, because I can not drink enough fluids, because of this slender or fascist schweiz coca cola and the more fluid fluxes. they are going to be tonight, and in the long run I signal a coca cola of a quality, I will not let it go, because it is a quality, not just a country where it is in the country, and an oceans of the East Mafia. and after the manager of the administration, the new administration, the goddess, the quality inspector organizes. Regards. Juhasz Tamas is a person but a bit of a multi-consumer ... and if it is confirmed by the gyanu, the sandy rongalas, all mogotte, the quality of the coca cola is immutable, the NSA is starting to bunteto the way ... the manipulation of fluid is affected by the distortion of my face. but what is just 25% .. every 6 o'clock I have to be allowed, even if I have nothing to do .. the sadism ..
a great video that is regebbi, but the theme is the mafia and social mafia manipulation .. terror ... a 2-week live video with 30-year-olds, of course, is where you stick to human rights and do not hesitate to work in the food industry, es schweiz shop-halves. this is a problem, all of it has gone unheard of, it has gone out of the country, it is soured by an uncertain and low-primitive workforce who can be bribed, a cola of fake ... or the mafia. - Tom


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