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many regio, schwseiz, start laughing in my eyes

many regio, schwseiz, start laughing in my eyes.....


you say, geneve, yverdon, chur regio, these are regie where normal man, does not make the lab. there is a horrible misery in the face of movies, and mafia only. everything was a waste of quality ... st.gallen I had a chance to stay, but tomorrow I have to go and I'm gonna kick her. into the whole regioba, they dispose of a scrap of food, and they like eating, eating. they do not even know about them. a great Eastern school in Northern Hungary, but nobody else but schweiz ermber, but their quality is less than or below. I'm a team of guild leaders, I work there, they eat gossau and bitches. no joke. the remaining fully-school and knowledge-minded people who are schweiz polgar, on a social basis, are localized. one of them has no brain in the brain, 3 is a warrior, like the Eastern, the world is so close to each other, the power of the war, not the wien, but the zuerich. Zuerich to the west are strong people, but east, there is no problem .. it causes trouble, a train ticket for me, bern guards ... but the whole school of four, often prostiutualt schweiz citizens who are nowhere to appear, are housekeeping I work for , and I will steal that little social help as well. today it's legal, they think, but it's really deceitful. it is so deceptive ... grossau is a great social divide, full of handicapped employees. people think that the Primitive European Parliament and the Polgars that pay for solidarity are the pruning ones, and this is a shameful thing. No ... the roman, or the donkey or the gender that you pay, with the help of some local nationalist fascist forces, who are local citizens, who are socially funded as a paid employee. in Hungarian that I paid 22 years of Hungarian and 3 years with my job, these are stolen, paid to employees, and the schweiz resident busts. she's a laugh, she's a criminal, she's a foolish man. Of course, where to report, there is not much to do. I do not think the schweiz police have a knife specialist, I think they do not know what to say. the olaf, would not deal with it because schweiz is not the unio. this is not the problem. the problem is that there are 25 years of grossau, prostitutiont multu, primitive, school not employed, because schweiz is an all-encompassing, tell me, i can eat or travel where there is a creative fundamental right .... they are not right, they have not learned anything, but the allam solidaris, places them, I can put phsiihatrie or sanatorium, because they can go, they are more mentally disabled. the whole social system can dispose of such scraps of people, a mafia, a scavenger, and a fascist world order, where the disposition of the scavenger is higher than the skilled labor force .. and it is an extermination.          the system of schweiz, the national socialist and the black government is not normally normal. what's wrong with it, but it's okay to say it's in that regio. if I'm getting married if I'm socialist, if I'm logged in to a 60-million-year-old chubby home and have a ferrari in the yard? in their own right, do they ask for help? People are not normal in Europe, and this is the problem. nobody deals with anything, just steals, everybody's idiot, everything, and good-natured, an exquisite mafia.



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