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jelige. new brussel champions liga... europe-gypsy italy

I'm looking for coins,> brand new brussels, italian cigans, and doctors apolles, fight, st. gallen guild. like liverpool-roma english-cigány bek in brussel ... the italian cigany, rongall, the st gallen canton-spital 1-2 doctors, i do not like it, i have this solution, a cum or scalp at the doctor's abdomen and it will get better she likes being eaten, and these are the same kind of apolles. they are not human beings, they have to be slain, simple genetically defected people. if a masquerade does not work, I will be a pavilion reflex if a species that she has brought is no more ... I get people, her ... those sunbirds, allergens in the drinks. we just do not have a patkany, but we just go to the stomach in a stomach with a lump or scalp to give it a try ... what's wrong .. round everyone in youtube. I do not know what to drink again, it's interesting when these patkany, spine, whores, and other drinks are bitterly beaten again and again. this is legally, legitimate choice ... I can do her gentlemen.  and problema in hospital, in st.gallen ost balkan gypsy genetic defekt women make , er speak italy...   in augen klinik waiting room...  morning all out...



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