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inteligenciA europe.. alias neoliberalisd animals

the degree and degree of intelligence of a country, it can be down to the poor people. so does not go to a Fascist party, they go to bed. The Belgian does not give them a drink, a Fascist allot race. they give them a luxembourg, but they sleep in the streets like the animals. Francis will eat and serve, but it is of a quality, in France, there are Europeans, the best crippled men. schweiz offers a high level of help, but not for a long time. these are not human beings. this many poor people, okay, the neoliberal fascist lure ...

but europaba is the biggest mafia in the social mafia .. many people are members of the mafia, working there. the people are ado, adfomany come from the poor side, but the members of the mafia who work in it will take it as a pay. Europe is the most stupid and seditious mafia it is.


if you want to help somewhere, poor but worthy of humanity, do not give anything to caritas or any other affiliate organization, go to the poor man and give it to your hand .. you can only help ... or give him a normal home job ... no believe the cheat is a swirling social mafia ... it's all about to hang out ... the social minister, hang it ... brutally screaming because he's screwing up millliards with his friends.


europai unioban has no intelligent man, a dead mafia. intelligence is just unio, Schweiz, and America, maybe England ... the other dirty lousy mafia, the wicked one.




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