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if you want help mi?

it's not a problem, and I'm not going to bother to list that little man who tried to help me ... BUSS ex prsident, Obama, Sir Sir Trumpf. and Sebastian Kurtz. and was a lot of years Merkel. and st. and 2 ex-frends, and 1 ex-frends, and 1 ex-friday. europaban is the man who does not do anything. if I were not the Nato photographer, or the US president or North Korea, they would not propose nuclear bombs because they destroyed everything, but became a nuclear bomb, in Europe's nepe. because a man is an old man, he is a brave man, he is a brave man, but a man who is nothing. so six of you wanted to help me, helped me, and the other person would be best to hear. 500 millio europai, at 600 from millio. people have disappeared, they have no human shape, they are strong, their minds are strong, they are only theirs ... they do not belong to us, but they are not people ....



but I did not think about it 10 years ago ... so they were round about, from their age-old ones.

and from such a despicable grove office as a migration office, a police force, a sanctuary, because they are working in it ... who are the sadistic terror of the terrorism and the exclusion, the double, the discrimination, the desire to escape. Six of these things, not ...      Hungarian, Schweiz, Austria, German and French, they are not people, animals ..



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