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Hungary was the most demanding country in the world ..

Hungarian was the most demanding country in the world ... no, primitive, demanding non-fascist lifestyle ... absolute nothing but work ... Hungarian today, primitive demands of non-member countries, the classes, the schweiz, nazi misung., puretan, they demand nothing, they eat on the street like a litter, they sit down on the restaurant bench, they might be impotent, they're falling, but are they all blowing? problem is solved and sleeping ... but I consider myself to be a socially developed country ... laughing. it was a Hungarian, 22 years crossed, no problem, , drink, girfrends, work, car, own garage. . you have to raise the bensin field, at least 5 euro * liter, and the extra adobol, they can give socialis help ... they are not people these animals ..   puretan jedwish-nazi misung..  primitive than animals... in road ristorante eat thise animals, food, where i think workers thise people modher, than pros.......e...   i dont know, money, this is big problem, lot off money, make, this degenerate people...  minimum 5 euro bensin preis help only...  or 10 euro(liter    and nazi change, or die, puretan animals so...   this is like fascism. they cover every inch of cm, occupy everything, neither culture nor anything. true inteligence, but intelligence can not be eaten ... on the French level primitive, terrible, all due to an allat, because of the Victorian name for Orban, and the 1 millionth Fascist employee. I will do everything I can to do , like the so-called Csaucseszku Homespart ..