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hey idiot europe...

1, german gypsy job, interesting no... first pey for mi genetic defekt german, 2 years sgb2 this all obaut 9000+9000 euro house.... euro... genetic defekt gypsy land.   and by for mi 1 car, what outmake in german mafiia....

2, interesting no, mi, hungary gypsy land politikers, mafia, first pey for mi 2 house and garage....   what was...


3, interesting no, mi, job, first back pey for mi 2 house, garage, car,,,


4, i look for job, only in schweiz, or english or, canada or USA...  others, genetic defekt land, inbteresting no....  in eurpe unions land havent credit....  defekt land all to ocean...  live qualitat, than migrante qualitat....

5, st gallen social mafia make yetz problem, and polizei politikers.   i want no, and i no working, only elektrotechnkiker.   

      i back give, for gypsy genetic defekt schweizer people, make for mi problem in wello, i back give, in road please people all car make defekt.   st.gallen, ins.......   thank you....    and please o euro finansir pey for caritas, and catolische mafia...   romishe catolische normalle, evangelische normalle, but caritas and catolische mafia.  this outmake, this good. 



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