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gypsy mafia likvid please

friburg town waste peoiple problem.. yetz thisngenetic defekt mafia obaut 100 men, but europe foutball fans, rock and all, 5 million. this is correkt, 100 gebetic defekt waste outmake 1 man e bike fit, 100- 1 million real .....  please outmake thise waste genetic defekt people, and all hungary migrante.. hungary waste migrante make problem.. and mafia,..  gypsy


please help. I'm sorry, I do not know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I have my fingers burning, I'm not going to go, but this genetic defect coigany has done so yesterday ... these are primitive cigars, I have a doctor mafia in the hatter, I'm getting rid of all of them. friburg lautil notslafstelle, doctors, I get all those who are in it ... I do miserable things for what they want ... these are patkany, character of non-ferrous ferrets, 5-6 sunny ducks, I can all mumble out,



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