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for whom I now do not have a job, I have a pen, but in principle I am obliged to do so.

for whom I now do not have a job, I have a pen, but in principle I am obliged to do so.

here you can call it the names of these things.
they work in Brussels. it was not the last 4 years to get involved, nor was it a concrete proposal. Thousands of euros have 5-15000 euros per month. in their adobe room, only a small apartment and a small car. it's cheating. but there is an antidote. bunots, thieves attention .. get their donkeys. the car in it is auto. but all the other things can be stolen if he is blown up, even if he declares himself to you because of the adolescence ....
I was in Brussels for them, they would have me. but among these things, one did not say what the truth is, give him a treat and the Hungarian allam pay back to 2 lofts and garages. and they will be bothered because they are organized with a mafia method, idiot, and taken away the property. Today every eu member knows that this was a loser, belgian luxembourg, french, germany, austria, russian, schweiz, slokvak, many korhaz who is completely normal and this is true, only the Hungarian enamored mast, bar orban viktor the normal part al. this is 54 (1 gold ... if I have to pay back the rubbish, property, garages, and those lordships, if I get a job, if not, a minimum of existence because I'm an electrician, a film director, a motorist kaskador, a color artist, a jar it's a minimum for him to pay for that particular allam where he or she is going to get a job if not ... this is austria 1400 euros, schweiz, 2200chf, france, 1500 euros take care of it ... take a break ... work and work in your profession get ALLAST, ES normal, where there is a private sphere, this is their job.
OLAF, who deals with organized crime, pre-trial detention and e-care, finds me, Sir Trumpf, Sir Obama and Sir banned, to make the olaf's return, these gentlemen are paid, but they do not know anything but it is the one of the world's smallest children. they should report to the Hungarian allam because of the fraudulent and embezzlement of the haters, because they issued false documents, the European leaders. and if they do not agree, they'll have to go to a group of mentors with a great deal of confidence, and these gentlemen will act in my favor, and there is some improvement in my social situation or not, and accordingly I will pay them or not. because every person gets paid because he is doing some work. a swallowed hydrator will not be picked up by a marry nor pay. and the wardrobe of the wardrobe of the United States is a bunny offering, which is olaf's sixth.
I'm going to cut you off a leopard if you have a harder one, or you give me an allergic shit for the leopard to scratch it.
the python, and the crocodile, the half, the sluggish, muddy ferrets, has allowed
I will announce to us a celibate assignment, the concerts and other acts, the folds, and the profits. improve my social position
that is, running a simple, normal finance. 2500chf minimum




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lord, 2018.08.12 15:56