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europe new 72 Hitlers form 1-2 in schweiz. migracio und social minister.

Migration Minister of All Countries, Hitler's secret plan for migration. it's not a joke. Europe 72 countries, 72 small, new, Hitler. this is a much more complicated system than the Italian mafia or mas mafia, but its role is similar. the complete ruin of the people is the cel, and the powerful species, out of the ordinary.
these migrants are from the population, they receive a penchant for a while, while they are leaving, or they have been financed by 1-2 individuals. do not mix with them. but I also feel jar. just stole the social mafia, this is the fascist system. because that's it.
we know very little about the fact that the minister of the Schweiz, who was responsible for the Migrant Corps, the piar colleague, was a 2-year-old woman who had been in a clean room, was united, allowed me to go to parliament, could eat it, show him the English greatness, toilet, no small energy, minister. it is not surprising that nobody cares about it, it does bring similar people to migrant programs and social homes. from the east, from all the rams of rabok, and from the species of African trout. knowledge of knowledge, mystery, culture, unnecessary thing, the only thing that is purely primitive, which its character demands, which it requires. you can see the epithets of the church, the Baroque style, the style of HItler style. we're going to run out of the lusanna bunker, it was an egg or a genome where there is a bunker level. 1nm2 1 person, your password. America is 100nm away from a man, but Hitler is at the heart of many aspects. in the French lill district, the poor people were planning to spend their vacation, toilet 1, the shower was not a lie. there are only 100 people in the shower. this quality is like the quality of the migrant minister. such as ferrets, who out-eradicated if to do, all the higher ranking and more valuable species such as the tiger, or lion, and everything is a huge fecal reimbursed. which is a secretary of a migrant minister, but not a samurai, this is a race-in-law, and he has to examine the whole human rights organization, telling him why he can not give it, accept a condo, and hell. I say it's a flat, not flat-out, or tente