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europe extermination center in belgium brussel ... 500% diskriminierung

Migracio, neo nazi teror, all sociAL platze full.--- or?   or natur extermination, diskriminirung....  brussel 1 animals.. lokalle animals, all animals....


europe extermination center in belgium brussel ... 500% diskriminierung

brtugge belgian ... 175 cm tall sucker, small breast caw, social center employee .. these girls are picked up with 2-3 genetic defects leading who does not have a tiger or oral or mascara, penzert these girls give her sex . that's all the fucking bitch ... Six of them would have to beat them or they'd ruin their hands and fuckin 'you fuckin' penzert genetic defect, god gave you a bunny, do not mind, run a bureau, and a lot of money but not because one day a hell of a hell is in your country ... God has created a genetic defect to you, so you can not do anything about it. Now those who take the penny for the nose. These are the best ones tax weloskodo organization ... I am now in prison ... it is certain that if you are not in torresyes, where the terror, yours is home, yours is over against your child. you allat, cigany ..
I have been kidnapped, but I find terrorists can help. There is such a horn, the ogazsag-holzaltatas segitese, if you blow it up, it's a bit of a tulip, but it's free ... you'll ruin me like those who make the nature die, and also the nuts. but this is the reason for that.
brugge, hospital 250 meter caw zentralle. from europe people tax 700 million euro(mont for social help. for mi no give 1 cent. for migrante 70 million euro, but workers in this company, 650 millio euro bring to house, from europe people tax. yetz end. pey and give girls, car and house, or kommen teror.. free.... free   please terorist go...


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ILO, 2019.01.11 20:55 www.roxy-joker2-3-4-5- okey, 6-7-8-9- no okey. london no nazi, only rassist, and polizei politikers no correckt info give. for you ideal, USA english or ausztralian, where have culture, and girls beautifool, and clever, and clima is good... give for you normalle job USA or english, only go. we look for you help..... but find or no......