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Deklaracion human and civil rigths

Declaration of Human and Civil Rights

(Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen)
He published the French National Assembly on August 26, 1789 (translated by Mika Sándor).

The representatives of the French people gathered in the National Assembly ... the Supreme Being
in the presence and protection of this is recognized and revealed by man
and the rights of the citizen below.
I. Everyone is born and remains equal to free and equal rights; the
social differences only from the community's point of view
II. The purpose of every political association is to be natural and unavoidable
preserving their rights. These rights are: freedom, property, security and the like
resistance to oppression.
III. The principle of all sovereignty resides naturally in the nation; neither
body or individual can not exercise power if it is not firmly from him
ARC. Freedom means everything is free that does not hurt anyone else. The
the exercise of the natural rights of somebody does not therefore apply to other limits
as well as those that are the same for other members of society
enjoyment of rights; and these limits can be defined by the law.
V. Forbidding the law only to harm the society
you have the right. What is not prohibited by law can not be prevented by what a
law, no one can force it.
VI. The law is the expression of public authority; every citizen has the right to work
personally or through its representatives. Law is equally law
for everyone, whether defending or punishing; and in front of the law
every citizen is equal, so every citizen can apply equally
public office, jobs and dignity, their differences of virtues and abilities
apart from other differences.
VII. Accusing, arrested and detaining anyone is just the law
and the forms prescribed by law.
Everyone is punished who is calling for, executing, executing arbitrary provisions
or execute; but to every citizen who is under the law
summon or be detained, he must immediately obey - and if
resists, feels guilty.
VIII. The law requires only strictly and obviously necessary punishments
and punishing someone else can not be different than a
committed and promulgated before the perpetration of the offense, as well as
lawfully applied law.
IX. As long as they are not declared guilty, all people are innocent
presumed. Therefore, if arrests become inevitable, a
law must strictly abolish all the harder rules,
which is not justified by the need to prevent escape.
X. No one is persuaded because of his conviction, religious or other views,
provided that such beliefs and manifestations are the manifestation of the lawful order
does not infringe.
XI. Free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the most valuable of man's
yoga; therefore every citizen can freely speak, write and print
anything but being responsible for abusing this freedom a
in cases specified by law. Every human being has the right to human breast cancer. this is naturally the case, in every man's case. a man, a highly skilled professional or a masculine, has the knowledge, a high level of enviroment, not a nobleman, a primitive people, a nobleman, an exemplar and a spiritual laborer, a profoundly affected area. if you are a whore, you are unemployed, you do not have a penny here, you do not have a job, you work with a job, they have to put a pencil on you ... the human breast is not offense, and it is unblocked from the financial position ... Everyone has the right to have a partner and a sexual relationship. this is the case for every man. naturally in the case of an already-born, intelligent and intelligent man, not a suitable partner, a polytropic prostitute who is an appropriate partner in an affair of an alcoholic. a high-minded man, he is not a wolf, he can not sleep, primitive people, because his personal characteristics are not the same as those of the primitive man.

XII. Ensuring the rights of man and the citizen is to maintain a power of arms
necessary; that power should therefore serve the whole, not
but for the specific purposes of those persons to whom this power is entrusted to him.
XIII. To cover the expenses of the faculty and the administration
it is indispensable that everyone has a common consent; neither
contribution, according to the ability of everyone, among the citizens
should be equally distributed.
XIV. Citizens have the right to do so by their own personality or by representatives
it is necessary to determine the necessity of consent and to vote freely,
and its use, and to determine its quantity, basis,
distribution, recovery and duration of the transaction.
XV. Society has the right to account for all officials of public administration
XVI. To a society where the guarantees of these rights are missing and where
the separation of the legislature and executive power has not been implemented,
no constitution exists.
XVII. Ownership - ownership is sacred and inviolable - no one
it can not be broken, at most, only in cases where this community is
the legitimate and legitimate necessity arising from its interest
but at that time it is just and fairly for the sake of compensation. these rights, there can be no opposition, no country, no right or privilege. naturally, the human breast, the quality of man, and the essence of his character, and the personality of his body. eg. Madonna puts her on a social site, primitive people, she carries the human breast, but the same, in a case of an alcoholic worker's case, corresponds to the prey of the human breast. the human breastpiece, not the money, is a lean, but excluded, personal traits of man. As in a auto case, the car's characteristics, not the environment or the country, but the quality of the car, are bound to break.The French National Assembly published on August 26, 1789. and this is the politician in Europe, America and China, which means that the police or mate, kotelezo adhere to it, is not a right but a cozier of rights,the United States, Nato, and the United States can interfere with the violence, the country, the exclusion of those rights ... The United States has the right to have a day-to-day regularity, to monitor compliance with human rights, and in the event of a military intervention.


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