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court must be the local mafia leader

so this can not go any further. schweiz, allami politics, shelters, gives the wounded, but the local mafia does not want to be excluded and bust ... she is a scorner, she is not eligible for any social service, she can not help. the local mafia is in trouble. on the Hungarian level, the nemesis of the land and the local mafia is all the same, at the level of Austria. 2018, european parliament, court, no e-mail, this is more than laughing ... 21 is sluggish, and people can not afford a legitimate right.   the European Union, you have no rights, no law, you are in the interest of European citizenship, are served, are a local or a country leader, or armed forces, fascist powers. I can not ignore basic rights either. European Union is a phantom body that does not interest adjoining advertisers, or is it one more thing?

court needs to be aligned, all the lawyer people.



the fascist terorist and the bureaucrats have to bathe in. 1919, 1939 and today.    Tom was 25 years job, hungary germany, but yetz havent privat house, O euro finansir.   stopp...   
the quality of the video is over, and I do not have a translation of English or German. I want to be part of an international bourgeoisie, Hungarian leaders, who have stolen deceit and stolen two home-made garages and carriages.
false data has been provided for international divisions. non-normal, primitive. no . this is the opposite of it, high fashion, electrician, guitar player, musicer, film-editor-direktor ... the existence made for tonk, which is 1 billion euro of wealth, which was wealth, and what is today .. the clown was stolen ...
I want to be a partisan, a noble, 1-2 fascist policeman. who have observed and stolen my pennies, tinkering with the automobile, denied my rights, did not raise a report and stolen the money regularly ... in videos alles information.....   this was Fascism, which was rendered by the nobleman. the notion of Fascism, the powerful power of armed forces. that was it. they say that they have been my own, and that they have been denied. 112 I called for help, they were denied the help, this was the refusal of a first-class, 10-year-old boy. Instead, I was burdened with it, 600 euro bitches, but I could not tell what a tort. this was fascism. and these people need to know. the sex at the job center was fascist, the policeman told me whether to give me a helper .. no. the segely jar is one for me, it is a horn, and I do not give up on a fascist armed force when it comes to fascism. I do not know the video quality, but the information that is included in it is very useful, and I can handle these people.
the sex of my lips has been toned, the many viruses are burning. the Hungarian made it all my wealth. I did not get a job, but I did not get a job, but I did not want to pay for it because it was a cause for power.
I want a caretaker, the Hungarian allam, 2-storey and garazas ara pay me, to me.
I want a carter, I do not want to have sex, I want to buy a car that was just ok, tonight, and she did not bother complaining.
carteritest coughs, the egalitarian, the immune system disease. this sex is done by police mafia-fascist politicians who, like an allat, viral drink, water, have been assigned to the regio where I worked ... sandy health-carotis, which is a bullet-dog, nepirtas category.
I do not work because I'm sick and for which I do not get work, I do not have cars ... that's ev, 12x3 x 2000 euro 68.000 euro kart caused the fasizta police, pluss I was not able to drive a car anymore ... I'd like to pay for it ... and then the most striking thing to do with the controversy.
I do not know what to do but I do not know how to do it. it's like a spectacle, a hollyvood star, a wealthy lover, a lover, owns a fascist borton wh
ere they eat it, but it's too much to be sick. this sadism hatches the limit, and Fascism sucks in the same way
I know, I'm a person, I die, because I want to allit, and I want to do all this.
Juhasz Tamas 0041762264631