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conflict, or why does schweiz lose credit?

conflict, or why does schweiz lose credit?

the social mafia is the sphere that makes the whole schweiz a ton. banking system raised schweiz, and rolex, and 1-2 people, the social mafia, which makes everything possible. it is the principle itself. they do not matter to each other, they are a man, no matter how much a man or street is scattered, a whirlwind, a gitarmuves, and a whore ... the underdog, the social sfera primitive, are paid, and like the mafia, rolex and one more detained ones .. but how long? you will be bored by the schweiz population and people because the eyes are on the street, drink alcohol, and the investor or business traveler, the more you go to the country ... every country is a prettier, a worthy man, what kind of accommodation. yes yes, only I do not have a bank, I do not have 2 diplomas, but a social worker, 8 uncomplicated schools. the result also suffers ... why not the sponsor do not know where he is going to find out what he's got. Everything else in the world has a lot to do with it. migrants are supported, and the population is terrorist social mafia, there is a lot of penz, there are reasons to sleep, and the terrorism of the people, the scammers support people ... freiburg varos. notlsaftstelle, latil .. neveseges conflict. but I'm sorry for laughing. the animals in the morning, in the morning, the southwestern whirlwind, 80cm, 1meter20 cm, can eat quietly .. but no, there is no essay ... it can not be fooled, and my uncle, my coat is in the bark, what's going wrong. the socialist employee is no problem, the animals are in the south, the problem is muddled, they are outraged ... the nexus is normal, what the social mafia is. USA, canada, normal, 60nm2, and a man's private sphere. Russian nose, 50 nm2, a man's private sphere. the animals and the people are mixed up with the Schweiz residents, they are beginning to argue, they eat on the street as they are, because 10% is cheaper for them to eat in the street than in the restaurant. madak bele-kaka in the south, eat moslekot on the street .. no, on French level. the man is craved by the body, the intelligence. pay attention to the English lord hause, people's behavior, and the litters. the English gentleman, slowly, aristocrats are half the family. he has the right place for him and he is down. then dip it to the bottom. no matter what 1 meter or 25 meter the kitchen is. we find the most primitive animals, the tyk, and the dove. throw there, 1gram of bread, every one is repelled ... no one has the bread, the bread is full of bread, not like the animals bahn, it is planting near etelos. The social mafia consciously cuts up the people, the local people who have worked in their own homes, oppose them, and the social mafia system that gives birth to them, and the social mafia system, who already gave birth to ADNAK. of course. the next door is 300chf. 2 other, solve any other problem, the 600 chf, 500chf is a normal pool, hair strip .. but no, it is not direct to give me where the social mafia is. the social mafia marries the original celt, it does not give me anything, the maximum scraps it is, and it's like a mafia, it takes away any money, and it does not even get to the south. but all their friends, wretches, no one socialist, paid for it. so the next, paying more and more, becomes more and more rickety. because the social mafia empties all the penny. it is so funny that so much paganism is this fascist system, the social mafia, like the whole crowd of the police ... hoppa, only the police, who pay the penzbol pay, renders the machine, works, works and works. The social mafia does not put people in a normal position, but the caritas mafia and the other are just the ones who are just out of the way, the bankers and adofizeto people manage. so everybody will be getting poorer. a mockery, an investor, before the bank, the human kaka, the eyes, and the dead people in the country, the more the country invests in the pen. so I think if the Schweiz federalist is not a circus and all the banking I have to do, they will do it to tonk. Tom, I'm going to have a normal stay, the eyes people, even though they teach a culture, and when it comes to schweiz, it's a point, half of it, it's a tourist, an investor, and an oltony man. wien really started. they were ridiculed ... and after 3 years who were laughing, the west of Austria went away. but where will the zurich get rid of, the righteous people? or will there be any divorce or delinquency?
but the social sphere itself is logic, it is normal. in free-form, I've been using an e-bike bike shop. as much as I had eaten 3 beers every day. the social mafia says you have a fortune, 1 e-bike, you do not need help ... the eyes, people who smash everybody, and alcoholic, and lazy, they do not have anything, and I say ok already man .. mafia


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