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Caritas, Europe's largest fascist organization

Caritas, Europe's largest fascist organization......   these veglet are europe, the neoliberal order of sc hweiz, and the nazi order, the nemesis. the neoliberal man, the white man, and the Nazi are the old people, so the caritas schweiz is a golden thing, but in the first place, the first word is unmistakable. there is no order nor normal, but there is a normalist fascist who says that he is the one who works, worked ... he only worked for the fascist world, and when he worked for 20 years he did not get the job pay off what is jar to her. SGB2 ... the jopb center is a non-fascist organization, closely linked to gender ... every black gets a bracelet, over € 2500, caritas can help. the sex is a true naci, their opponent, but you are either extinct or nothing in their country. Neo liberalism, like schweiz caritas, is also devastating because it involves settlers, politicians with help, many black people who will not work, so that some of the indigenous people are multiplying much faster than the white, demanding human. so I'm going to be 20 = 30 even. what a world it is, it can be called in 1-2 schweiz. Your statement is correct, and the yard of the caritas getto is correct. while the European man's private sphere is at least 15nm2, his American man min. 35nm2, these black people are private spheres of 1nm2, and this is exactly the same for them. in which the European man dies. caritas, neoliberal schweiz, nepirtasra ... employees make a pity as a pay that people pay for, pay for the poor man .. but they do not pay anything, the employees get home as a paycheck ... they are completely scared, not to mention the schweiz citizens. Africa and the masses, and the people of the wounded people are here ... there is a small bush. not the worm, but the military occupation. the caritas are lying ... what the hell is the man going away, but the kid of his wife, even though he remains in the wardrobe? there is a 4000 chfg you get a schweiz, and get free. every month he is home to his wife 2000 xhf. one-hundred-and-a-half-deceit ... the gentleman of a standard man does not give anything. I went into more caritas. it's out of the question, there's a European man, there's no help ... all this caritas's worker, 5000 chf pay, that's saying there's no help. There are 30 people in an office. if the party were to blow, it would be a good idea for a European man to come. it's a simple cheat, carnivals that caritas are ... the ado mas. people from taxes, epidemics, oranges ... but caritas are paid for taxes, nothing is wrong, just getto, a secret mafia basis. what's okay to get rich .... down here. and cheating. the black man, who slept in a storm or in a desert, gives a social banquet to caritas. the white man should go and eat. this mafia is the problem. but the schweiz man, so cautious, and primitive, will not promise ... a primitive and a bad thing is a schweiz man. I'm not spending energy, caritas will be tonight because it will kill a schweiz man, the many lazy people who have to keep up to 30 years, and then the schweiz man is going to hear it with fast speed ... they deserve it too. .. because they are malicious people .. masik foldresz normal only, this is not ... 



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secret, 2018.07.06 19:08
laughs everywhere europa es schweiz. schweiz, no informatics, no advertising, no art, slowly like gender, the mere oparaszti primitive element ... but there is no need. here is an informatics, music, electronics. much more compelling and schweiz technique. but they do not have to. These are not human beings, primitive, malevolent animals ...