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buzzing tips, zurich for businessmen

schweiz 2030...  business tipps.   


the banking system has lifted the social system of tonkreteszi schweiz. European Union, the Balkan level is sullyed, but Schweiz wants to take the European Union. ok primitive people come to residences, workplaces, respectable people, nothing.

the social sphere, social ablacement, caritas ...... at a level that will not be a schweiz bank. but the newcomers will be able to find a new, exciting opportunity. it's a big deal,
1, a pharmacy of merleg arusitasa, French social ellato places, can withstand the bread. high accuracy grams, meringue.
2, a carpeted English toilet, which will be a hospitable schweiz for tourists, not to park the park.
3, a huge industrial sator because they can not afford people. from the beginning of the year, it will be easy for a seniors to go to the tente.
4, small, 1 meter atmerujo, sator, so that in the street ebedelo man-allat, soup, not full of bird kaka.



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