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Americas and Europe, is the fundamental companionship, the people of America are the strong ones, and they are characterized by the salient and bloody tumulus. but I do not know how to do it, but I do not know how to do it. but I do not want to contact with European people, but with their affiliates.

America's most wealthy people> 1 weapon, bill gates informatics, colleges, colleges ............. the richest people in Europe 2 vallakozo 8-8 unparalleled, drug bars, 4-4 unparalleled, .. also characterizes the formed substrate, essential amino acid. because this is the truth. I mean, the quality of that country is easy. now the best country in Europe is schweiz, zirka is 2% of my income as Hungarian. If America were so scared, hallyvood and calofirni, today it would be a misfortune ... but no, they are not idiots. but europe is. The best country in Europe was Hungarian, but what , lezsak sandor, violin david, gongy kinga, is a little bit embarrassed, such as in 1944 berlin .... these people would have a place to live and live in the vineyard. they like it to Hungarians, 4 million Hungarian migrans europabs, because they did not eat what, and 88% of the population does not have a private ownership. In 1995, the population was 99% home. today it is 5% ... not the key investors, the bankers are the defective, but the one who sold the euro`s best europa's food factories, drinks and dohany factories ... this if you are an American or angler in a politician, performing. in the Hungarian Parliament, to speak to the European Parliament ...



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