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3 gypsy problem

3 gypsy is problem.,   komplikeson



1, polizei, politei, policemen.....   this people, 80% homosexual, primitive, havent diploma, havent high inteligente %, than animals famyly, than gypsy family, lot of people in 1 platz , than homosexual people...  lot of child in 1 family, than gypsy people, ztotal others kulture. this people, havent privat sfera, but they have no need.   usally from animals world, the dogs family property ...   1 idiota, hieralhich system, where 1 idiot, give command,and they dogs, make what command get. nothing, free choice, inteligencia....  primitive hieralhickus system, what in animals worlds, but in animals word, best primitive animals, than dogs.  " delfin, monkey, tigers, have minimal inteligente, and no in live in grouppe, in hieralhic system. privat free want, high ineligente.       they primitive people andestregend no, europe and world, 1 free sfera, but we people, normalle people others in system live.,  in my system, dominancia thinks,
appearance, knowledge, fisikal , apperance, inteligente %, diploma, human valoe, ....   htey people, than 1 primitive animal, only 1 mosaik pictore live, but 1 pictore, only 10%, 1 man or women personall...   1 human, from lot of personall all. have 1 you girl, and 1 polizei or gypsy or other hiarelhikus primitive people, andestregend no, what is different, girls and girls bettwen.   lot of diferents have. i interesting no, a jedwish, or politei, or others defekt people, what thinks, 1 girls good, if have beautifool, clever, no prostituate, szex only whits high qualitat man....    politei or jedweis girls, o qualitat, no clever, no beautiful, egalle wich man, only pey money for girls...   i want normalle girls, no plitei girl, no gypsy girls, or jedweis girls, high qualitat girls, what in this people bettwen no live.    and i want politei no want my sleep block, no want may trawelling block, no want my, existencia block, but i and 1 gypsy bettwen different lot od, than usa live qualitat or hungary. or gypsy romany...   stop, have you gypsy motdher, this is okey tema, i no...   and gypsy genetic defekt people, so... gypsy people have gypsy modher, this o qualitat, gypsy people go to in gypsy modher, i want no contact whits gypsy genetic defelt people...



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